Do you ever feel a bit worried or stressed? Would you like to learn how to calm yourself down quickly in a fun way? Visualisation could be just what you need.

Visualisation means creating a picture in your head. Visualising positive pictures can make a big difference to how you feel. Your brain reacts to what you imagine and you can actually change how you feel and get rid of negative feelings just by choosing what to visualise.

Relaxing beach visualization

This guided visualisation exercise is about a beach.

You may like to get a parent or friend to read it to you so you could close your eyes and imagine the scene even more clearly.

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Make sure you are sitting comfortably without any distractions.

Relax your body, close your eyes, and picture a beach.

  • Notice the golden sand, the blue sky, and the gentle waves.
  • As you focus on this scene in your head, notice how calm and positive it makes you feel.
  • Picture yourself standing at the edge of the sea.
  • Notice how the sand feels wet under your feet as it squeezes between your toes.
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Notice the gentle waves rippling over your feet as they drift into the beach and then draw out towards the ocean.

Imagine that each time the waves drawback to the ocean they can take with them any negative feelings from your body.

  • How does it feel to let them be drawn away into the sea?
  • Keep picturing these feelings being drawn away from your body with the gentle waves and keep going until they have all gone.
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Now find a comfortable place to sit on the sand and watch the sea.

  • Feel the warm golden sun on your body.
  • Imagine the glow of the sun passing into your body and filling it with lovely positive feelings.
  • Picture your body full of this warm golden glow and take a couple of deep breaths to fix that image in your mind.

How do you feel now?

When could you use this exercise?

Visualize a relaxing beach

This visualisation exercise was extracted from the wellbeing section of children’s magazine, Brilliant Brainz, issue #11. Back issues and subscriptions are available from the SHOP link above.

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