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Brilliant Brainz is arts, music, wellbeing, science and culture all in one magazine for 6-12 year olds!

Arts, Music, Wellbeing, Science and Culture All in One Magazine

Helping children to question what’s around them, inspire their creativity and encourage them to read for pleasure!

What is Brilliant Brainz?

Brilliant Brainz is a children’s magazine packed with activities, fun facts and challenges that will get their brain buzzing! Each issue covers a wide variety of subject areas that encourage creative thinking:

Art, Philosophy, Music, Food & Nutrition, Science & Nature, Health and Wellbeing, Books, Apps & Tech

Exciting activities that can be done on your own

Written by experts and qualified teaching professionals in their field

Packed full of challenges, quizzes and fun facts

Delivery included

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Every issue is packed with activities and fun skills that build confidence and celebrate ecological and cultural diversity.

*Please note, this is a free sample and does not contain all 35 pages of the full Brilliant Brainz issue.

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