VISUALISATION EXERCISE For When You Need A Quick Mental Health Boost!

This guided visualisation exercise is all about things that bring you pleasure.

It is a useful exercise to do when you need a boost!

You may like to get a parent or friend to read it aloud…

…so YOU can just close your eyes and imagine the scene even more clearly.

This is your time to relax.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably without any distractions.

Get totally settled.

Calm your breathing.

Vizualise to boost your mental health and feel good
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Relax your body and create a picture in your head of a house. It could be big, small, old, new, plain or ornate. It’s completely up to you.

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Picture yourself walking into the house. As you enter the hallway notice that it is painted in your favourite colour, and the walls are filled with photographs of all the people in your life who bring you pleasure. There are photographs of members of your family, your friends and famous people too. As you look closely at each photo you notice how good it makes you feel.

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You notice a door in front of you and you open it and walk inside. It’s a large room full of all the things that bring you pleasure. Your favourite games, toys, books, animals and objects that bring you pleasure. You walk around the room and look at everything, taking time to focus on how good each of them makes you feel.

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At the end of the room is a door. You open it and step outside. There you find yourself surrounded by all the places that bring you pleasure. Maybe places you have been on holiday, places where you have taken part in fun activities, or places you like to visit to make you feel good.  Perhaps you can see beaches, mountains, lakes, fields, woods, theme parks, famous monuments, towns, and cities or even your own garden. Take time to walk around all these places, noticing how much pleasure each one brings and how good your body feels.

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Breathe in the smell of each of these places, notice the sounds you can hear and all the details you can see.

Remember that you can visit this house and garden in your mind whenever you need to feel better.

Visualisation is a powerful addition to your ‘feel-good’ mental health toolkit!
Visualise to boost your mental health and feel great!

This visualisation exercise was extracted from the wellbeing section of children’s magazine, Brilliant Brainz, issue #12. Back issues and subscriptions are available from the SHOP link above.

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