Feel Great With…

What we do with our bodies has a big impact on how we feel.

Sometimes we don’t feel very confident and our bodies tend to demonstrate this – perhaps we are hunched over a bit, looking down, or fidgeting.

This in turn can make us feel even less confident and it can become a never-ending cycle.

Taking control of what we do with our bodies is a quick and easy way to make ourselves feel more confident whenever we need to.

The superhero power pose is fun to do and is a very effective confidence booster.


Feel great with the SUPERHERO POWER POSE
Children's Magazines for 12 year olds

STAND with your feet hip-distance apart with your feet firmly on the ground:

  • This will give you the STRENGTH you need!
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IMAGINE you have a string coming from the top of your head pulling you up really tall:

  • This will stop you from hunching over and makes you feel more POSITIVE about yourself!
UK Children's magazine

PUSH your shoulders back to make your chest wide and strong:

  • This will help your breathing and makes you feel more expansive and in CONTROL.
Magazines for 6 year olds

PLACE your hands on your hips like a superhero:

  • This will stop you fidgeting! You’ll feel more CENTRED & PURPOSEFUL!
Magazines for 7 year olds

BREATHE slowly and deeply:

  • This will CALM you down…
Magazines for 8 year olds


  • This will help you feel HAPPIER and more CONFIDENT!
Superhero Power Posing - Feels GREAT!

All of these actions send powerful messages to our brain that we are relaxed and confident. To increase these feelings even more, try striking a superhero power pose in front of the mirror so you can not only feel confident, but you can see yourself feeling confident!

“Fake it until you become it!” ~ Amy Cuddy, Professor of Social Psychology

This was a ‘Wellbeing For Children’ presentation for BRILLIANT BRAINZ magazine. The Super Hero Power Pose was extracted from Issue #41, (available to purchase worldwide from the online SHOP – link at top of page, see back issues for availability).

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