‘Hot Chocolate Breathing’ is a quick and easy way to boost your mood. Getting more oxygen flowing to your brain can make a big difference to how you feel.

Hot chocolate breathing
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Picture a cup of delicious hot chocolate in front of you. What does your cup of hot chocolate look like? Is it big? Small? Topped with cream? Marshmallows? Sprinkled with chocolate flakes? Does it make you feel good when you look at it?

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Now reach out and pick up your imaginary cup of hot chocolate and hold it in front of you. Bring it up towards your nose (be careful not to get any cream on your nose!) and then take a long breath in through your nose as you smell the delicious hot chocolate.

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Now move the cup of hot chocolate down from your nose to just below your mouth. You need to blow on the hot chocolate to cool it down because it is too hot to drink. Take a long gentle breath out of your mouth over the hot chocolate. Be careful not to blow so powerfully that you spray your hot chocolate everywhere!

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When all the breath has gone, repeat the exercise. Slowly raise the cup of hot chocolate to your nose and take a big deep breath in through your nose as you smell the delicious chocolate. Now lower the cup to just below your mouth and blow gently out over the hot chocolate. And repeat.

You could do this HOT CHOCOLATE BREATHING exercise whenever you need to change how you feel and boost your mood!

Hot Chocolate Breathing exercise for kids
“Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside!”

This was a ‘Wellbeing For Children’ presentation for BRILLIANT BRAINZ magazine. Hot chocolate breathing was extracted from Issue #17, (available to purchase worldwide from the online SHOP – link at top of page, see back issues for availability).

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