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Conversation Tennis

A good conversation is a bit like a game of tennis.  It should flow from one person to the other without too much effort. Starting a conversation is a bit like serving the ball in tennis. You are looking for the other person to reply and hit the ball back to you so you can say something back. Sometimes when you meet new people it can be difficult to keep the conversation tennis going- somebody might drop the ball!

Here are some tips for having better conversations

Plan some conversation starters to make sure your ‘serve’ gets returned. There are two types of questions to ask:

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Closed Questions – these mean that the answer is likely to be yes or no. These types of questions mean that the conversation tennis doesn’t flow and you end up having to ask another question to keep the ball moving. Examples: “Do you like football? Do you like animals?”

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Open Questions – these mean that the answer will be longer and it will be easier to keep the conversation tennis going. Examples: “What did you do over the weekend? What is your school like?”

Think of some topics you could ask other people about.

What types of open questions could you prepare?