To Feel Good About Your Future And Your Past

Feeling good about future goals!

There are lots of ways we can think about time.

One way we can think about time is as a line along the floor.

We can call this our ‘time-line’.

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To make a time-line, using a piece of string or tape, make a line in front of you about 3 metres long.

  • Now stand right in the middle of the time-line facing to your right.  You are now in the PRESENT time.
  • Next, look at the line behind you.  This is your PAST.
  • Finally, look at the line all the way out in front of you. This is your FUTURE. 
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Having a physical time-line in front of you can be very useful when thinking about things that you want to do in the future.  You can physically walk along the time-line into the FUTURE to the place on the line where you want to do a particular thing.  Imagine how you feel now you are doing it?

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Walking forwards a little more. How do you feel after you have done it? Now look back and imagine what you had to do in order to get there. Walk backwards and forwards along the time-line and decide on the steps you need to take to get to the future you want.

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You could also walk along the time-line into the PAST to remember and relive really good things you have done and experienced. Physically walking the time-line helps to make those memories and feelings even stronger!

Walk the Time-Line
Walking your time-line to feel good about your past and your future goals
‘Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in.’ ~ Unknown