Value Yourself

Make a ‘Strengths and Achievements’ List

We often spend more time thinking about what we can’t do and what we haven’t done than about all the great things we have achieved and what our strengths are. Creating a ‘Strengths and Achievements’ list is a useful way to remind us to value ourselves.

Once you have created your list, you can look at it whenever you need a quick confidence boost.

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Find a piece of paper. You could decorate it to make it look like a certificate or other official document. Now start to list anything and everything that you have achieved. You could start with things at school (or homeschool) like getting good marks in a test or awards and merits you may have received. Then move onto clubs and activities.

Think about certificates you may have earned or skills you have mastered.

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Next, think about your strengths. What are you good at? Think of physical skills, academic strengths, positive personal qualities, and any other strengths. Keep listing all your strengths and achievements until you have filled up your sheet of paper. You could always ask a parent to help you if you are feeling stuck. Parents often notice things you don’t!


 Include everything you can – no matter how big or small.

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Once you have created your list you could either stick it up so you can see it regularly, or perhaps keep it somewhere safe so you can get it out whenever you need to feel better and more confident.

Value Yourself 

Use your ‘strengths and achievements’ list whenever you need a boost!

Value Yourself: The Children's Strengths & Achievements list
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