There are lots of things we waste in everyday life, for example, food, energy, or resources, but one of the main things we can waste each day is our TIME. Have you ever wanted to get something done only to find that you have done lots of other things you probably didn’t need to do and now you don’t have enough time? Perhaps you don’t have time to do all your homework, or do a particular hobby as much as you would like.

We can often spend a lot of time on activities that don’t actually help us achieve what we need to. Maybe watching too much TV, spending too long on devices or doing things which aren’t important.

There is a simple way to help stop wasting your time.

You can create a set of questions that you ask yourself regularly to challenge yourself about how usefully you are spending your time.

These could be questions like:

The Time Wasting Challenge for kids | wellbeing exercise
Children's Magazines for 12 year olds
Is the thing I’m about to do going to help me get everything done today?
Kids Magazines for girls and boys
Is this the best time to do what I’m about to do?
UK Children's magazine
Am I going to feel better after doing the thing I’m about to do?
Magazines for 6 year olds
What is the one thing I could do right now to use my time wisely?

You could create a set of your own questions based on the things you need to make more time for.

How about writing them on post-it notes and sticking them up where you can read them regularly until they become a habit?

Wasting time is robbing oneself.

Estonian proverb

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

Bruce Lee

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Bertrand Russell

the time wasting challenge for children