For Inner Wellbeing

When we look at beautiful things our brain sends messages around our body that make us feel good, happy, and positive.  Beauty comes in many shapes and forms. We are surrounded by so many beautiful things every minute of every day. However, sometimes we get so busy and focussed on lots of things at once that we forget to notice what is all around us.

The Beauty Spot Exercise for kids

The beauty spot is an exercise to help you to bring more beauty into your daily life.

Children's Magazines for 12 year olds

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, take a couple of minutes to look around you and notice exactly what you see. Look for little things that are beautiful.  

Kids Magazines for girls and boys

Maybe it’s a beautiful blue sky or an interesting cloud pattern, perhaps you see something that is a colour that you really like, or you could look at something really closely and notice details you don’t usually see. We can find beauty in very unexpected places if we take the time to really look.

UK Children's magazine

Noticing more beauty every day can have a very positive impact on how we feel and it is an easy habit to create. Try noticing 3 beautiful things a couple of times a day and see how much better you start to feel.

Magazines for 6 year olds

You could try creating a beauty list to help you remember the beautiful things you have seen.  Looking at this list will help you to picture them in your head which will then cause you to feel good.

“Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.”
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