A Quick & Easy Way To Manage Negative Feelings

Our feelings are heavily influenced by what we can see.  This includes pictures that we create inside our heads – not just what we actually see around us. Sometimes negative feelings can be overwhelming and it can seem that we are not in control of them.

Once we learn ways to manage our feelings, we can start to take control and make positive changes.

Visualisation kids exercise for managing negative feelings
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A technique called visualisation is a quick and easy way to manage negative feelings. Visualisation means making a picture in your head. Try picturing what the negative feelings would look like if you could see them inside your body.  For example, if you feel nervous…

  • Where do you feel it in your body? Perhaps in your stomach? Your head? Your hands?
  • Now picture what colour those feeling are and what shape they are.
  • Make this visualisation as detailed as you can.
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Once you have a clear image of what your feelings look like, try picturing them moving out of your body, either down through your feet, up out of your head, or out through your fingertips. When your brain sees these realistic pictures of your feelings leaving your body, it starts to send messages around your body to help get rid of those negative feelings.

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You could also start visualising what positive feelings like happiness, calmness, confidence or resilience look like. And start picturing those in your body to help kickstart your brain into creating those feelings in situations when you need a boost.

‘Develop the daily habit of visualisation and dreaming by consciously seeing a better and brighter future through your mind’s eye.’ ~ Mensah Oteh
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