A Mood-Boosting Photo Exercise

Picture Perfect

Have you noticed that whenever you think of a great time you have had on holiday it makes you feel good?

When we think of fun times, a part of our brain thinks we are actually there and it creates those feelings all over again!

We can use this brain fact to our advantage to help us to boost our mood when we need to.

Do you have a favourite photo from a holiday that you have been on?

One that makes you recall particularly happy or exciting times?

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Take that photo and look at it carefully.  As you look at the photo, imagine that you are there right now – seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard, and feeling what you felt. Notice what happens in your body when you experience those feelings.

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After a few moments, turn the photo over and look away, focusing on something else for a few moments. Now repeat this exercise a few times, each time making the positive feelings in your body even stronger as you look at the photo.

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This photo will now act as a mood booster whenever you need to feel better.  Just take it out and look at it and the positive feelings will appear straightaway – as if by magic!

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You could use this exercise for other photos you may have.  Perhaps they are photos of people or animals you love, an adventure you have been on, or something you have achieved.  Once you have found your favourite photos, why not try this exercise out on them too?

Picture perfect photos to boost your mood
“A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye.” ~ Robert Kingston