How To Experience More Joyful Moments

There are lots of things which can bring us joy.  Sometimes though we don’t always notice them because we can be too busy worrying or thinking about other things. It is very important for us to learn how to focus on the joy in our lives – whether big or small.

Creating your very own ‘book of joy’ is a fantastic way to maximise the amount of joy you experience in life on a daily basis.

My Book Of JOY
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Find a notebook (or you could make your own out of sheets of paper stapled together). Write on the front cover ‘My Book of Joy’.  You could decorate this too to make it even more special.

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Every day, write three things in your book that have brought you joy.  These things can be very simple things like having a hug, laughing with a friend, seeing a beautiful view, or eating some delicious food. Writing these things down will have a big impact on how you feel as your brain will start to focus more on joy than any negative feelings.

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You will start to notice more and more joy in your daily life. You will also have a great mood-boosting book that you can look at whenever you are feeling sad and it will help to remind you how much joy you have in your life.

What will YOU write in your BOOK OF JOY?
Add your moments of JOY to your special mood-boosting book!
‘Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.’ ~ Helen Keller
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