When we get frightened about something it can cause strong feelings in our bodies, making it very difficult for us to think straight and deal with the situation we are facing. But there are things you can do that will help you control those feelings.

Here is a quick and easy ‘fear control’ exercise to try:

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Stand or sit with both feet firmly on the floor. Now focus on the soles of your feet. Think about your feet and nothing else. After a few moments, you will feel them start to tingle or buzz a little.

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Now make a picture in your head of roots coming out of the soles of your feet and spreading down into the ground beneath you.

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What do your feelings of fear look like inside your body. Where are they? What colour or shape are they? Are they moving or still?

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Picture what they would look like passing down your body and out through your roots into the ground below your feet. How do they feel as they leave your body?

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Now picture what feelings you would like to have instead of fear. Perhaps calmness, happiness, or relaxation? What colours or shapes would they be? Imagine drawing them up through your roots and up into your body. Picture your body full of these new shapes and colours. How does it feel?

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Try doing this exercise in time with your breathing. Breathe out the fear, breathe in the positive feelings.

You could do this Control Your Fear exercise for other negative feelings you might experience – nerves, worries, anger, frustration, embarrassment …… in fact all sorts of feelings!

You’ve just learnt how to control your fear in a fast and simple way!