Defeating your Worry Monster

When we worry, there is usually a voice in our head saying things that cause us to feel worried or anxious. 

This voice in our head is our thoughts and it has a big impact on how we feel.

Worries can feel very real because the voice in our head is so convincing.

We think that because this voice is coming from inside our head it must be real or true.

One playful way to deal with negative thoughts and worries is to imagine the voice is coming from someone or something other than you. 

This exercise will help you to defeat those negative thoughts and make the worries far less important.

Defeat the Worry Monster
Flush that worry away!
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Picture the kind of monster that would be saying some of the negative thoughts you say to yourself. Perhaps it is really ugly or has a horrible colour or weird shape. What kind of voice would this monster have when it is saying those negative things to you?

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Now imagine that you can silence the monster somehow and make it disappear. Perhaps you could crush it, blow it up, throw it out of the window, flush it down the toilet…. You can imagine absolutely anything! 

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Making these kinds of pictures in your head can really help your brain to believe that your thoughts aren’t real …and that you don’t have to be troubled by your worries.

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Remember: You are in control of your worry monster!

How are you going to defeat yours?

You can knockout the worry monster!
You've got this Champ!
‘If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.’ ~ Walt Disney
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