THE MAGIC BUTTON TECHNIQUE: How To Feel Better Whenever You Want!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a magic button to press to instantly make you feel good whenever you needed to? This exercise is a way for you to do exactly that!

To create your magic button, first you need to decide on two things:

1/ What part of your body are you going to use for your magic button? Something on your hand works best, like a knuckle or fingertip.

2/ Can you think of a time you felt really good? When you were doing something that brought you pleasure? Perhaps when you’ve been on holiday, or doing an activity you really enjoy, or being with friends or family, or maybe just being on your own. When you think of it, it should make you feel really happy.

Now it’s time to create your magic button:

Children's Magazines for 12 year olds

Get ready to press the magic button on your hand, but don’t press it yet.

Kids Magazines for girls and boys

Close your eyes and think about the pleasurable time you chose. Imagine you are able to travel back in time and be there right now.  Focus on what you are seeing, hearing and feeling.

UK Children's magazine

When you start to feel good feelings in your body press your magic button, and keep it pressed while you relive the experience.

Magazines for 6 year olds

After a little while the feeling may fade away. When this happens then just release your magic button and open your eyes.

The exercise works best by repeating the process. After around seven times test your magic button by pressing it, and notice how the good feelings start to come into your body. The more you practice this exercise the stronger the feelings will be.

You could create a magic button for different feelings too – perhaps calmness, relaxation, happiness or confidence. Just decide what to use as your magic button, then think of a time when you have felt that particular feeling.

Give it a go and see how the magic works!

The magic button technique lets you trigger positive feelings at will! Use it whenever you need a boost!
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This was a ‘Wellbeing For Children’ presentation for BRILLIANT BRAINZ magazine. The Magic Button Technique was extracted from Issue #12, (available to purchase worldwide from the online SHOP – link at top of page, see back issues for availability).

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