MY PERSONAL POWER SUIT – A Well-Being Exercise

Sometimes you may need a quick confidence boost. Using your imagination to change your mood is fun and easy to do. This exercise involves you imagining yourself wearing your very own personal power suit.

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Think of a situation where you don’t feel very confident. Can you picture yourself in that situation?  Now picture going into that situation but this time wearing your personal power suit. This power suit makes you feel CONFIDENT, STRONG, and COMFORTABLE, melting away any worries or bad thoughts you may be having. It can also deflect any negative comments from others, making sure that you remain totally positive inside your suit.

  • What COLOUR is your power suit?
  • What MATERIAL is it made from?
  • How does it FEEL when you wear it?  
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Notice all the confident and positive feelings your power suit helps you to hold onto. Notice that your power suit doesn’t allow any negative comments, thoughts, or feelings inside so that you can remain confident and positive – able to achieve anything! Think about how that power suit has allowed you to change how you feel about the situation. How do you feel now?

You could picture yourself wearing your very own power suit whenever you need a quick confidence boost or to block out negative things around you. Maybe you could create different designs of your personal power suit for different situations?

All of them should make you feel completely awesome!

Kid's wellbeing Personal Power Suit
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