It’s very healthy to set ourselves personal challenges. Achieving new things makes us feel good and it motivates us to achieve more. Facing a new challenge or challenging situation can be scary. We can sometimes find it hard to do what we need to meet the challenge and then give up.  Having a simple strategy can make all the difference and help us to achieve new things, learn new skills and cope with difficult situations.

The goal ladder is a useful tool for breaking down a new challenge into several manageable steps.

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First of all, think of a challenge you would like to take on, or a challenging situation you are facing.  Perhaps it’s learning a new skill, improving your grades in a subject, or having to do something differently.

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Write your challenge down at the top of a piece of paper. Now draw a picture of a ladder underneath it, filling the page right to the bottom.

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Starting at the bottom of the ladder, think of the first step you need to complete to start your challenge. Write it down on the bottom rung.

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Now think of the next step you need to take and write that on the rung above.  Keep going until you have written something on as many layers as you need.

Some challenges will take lots of steps, others may just take a few. 

For each rung of the ladder you complete, you could give yourself a small reward to keep you going.

You could stick your goal ladder on your wall where you can see it regularly and this will also help to motivate you to keep going and meet your challenge.

What challenge are you going to choose first?
My Goal Ladder exercise for kids in wellbeing

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” ~ Tony Robbins

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