The Cat In The Car Wash Creativity Exercise

When we think in different ways, our eyes move in different directions. Have you ever noticed that when you try and remember what something looked like, you tend to look up and to your left? This is because when we try to see pictures of things in our memory, our eyes naturally move to that position.  When we are creating a picture of something in our head, this works best if our eyes move up and to the right. This means that we can boost our creativity if we move our eyes up and to the right.

‘The Cat in the Car Wash’ is a simple exercise to practice this.

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Look up and to your left and see a picture in your head of a cat sitting in a shopping trolley.  These should both be things that you can easily find in your memory of pictures.

  • What does the cat look like?
  • What colour is it?
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Now picture the cat moving forwards towards the rollers of a car wash machine.  As the cat moves towards the car wash notice that your eyes follow it and move from left to right. When you see the cat come out from behind the rollers your eyes will be firmly up and to the right.

  • How does your cat look now?
  • What has happened to it?
  • How do you see it?
  • Has it changed? 

When you are looking up and to your right you will find it much easier to think creatively.  Using this eye exercise is a good way to help boost your creativity.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun!” ~ Albert Einstein