A New Way of Thinking


Whenever you face a problem it is useful to think about it in an open-minded and constructive way. It is easy to get stuck in unhelpful thinking habits which make you feel bad and maybe not behave as well as you could…

One of the most common unhelpful thinking patterns you can get into is WHY thinking. WHY thinking is when you focus all your thinking on the problem and tell yourself off about making mistakes or doing the wrong thing. WHY thinking makes you feel bad and doesn’t help you solve the problem.

A far more constructive thinking technique when you face a problem is HOW thinking. HOW thinking is all about focusing on the solution to the problem and making sure that your brain gets working on solving the problem rather than making the problem bigger in your head.

It helps to remember this saying…


So, start making the solutions bigger not the problems!

“Focus on the solution, not the problem.” ~ Jim Rohn
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If you find yourself thinking things like “Why have I got so much homework to do?” or “Why aren’t I as good at sport as my friend?”, then…

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...Try substituting the WHY for a HOW “How can I get my homework done before tomorrow?” or “How can I get better at sport?”

So, this week, try to focus on the HOW and not the WHY – and see how much more productive your thinking becomes and how much better you start to feel!