4-Minute Outdoor Mindfulness

Whenever you feel strong emotions, like overwhelm, anger, worry, or frustration, spending time outdoors can make a big difference to how you feel.  This 4-minute outdoor mindfulness exercise is very useful whenever things get too much.

Decide on an outdoor place to use for this exercise. Your garden is probably the most accessible and safe place to use, but there may be other places you could try.

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Minute 1: As you walk in this outside space, notice how the ground feels underneath your feet. What is the texture of the ground? Grass? Paving? Gravel? Mud? How does it feel as you walk over it? Focus on this sensation for about a minute.

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Minute 2: Focus on what you can see all around you. How many different colours can you count? How many different objects? Notice as much visual detail about your surroundings as you can.

Minute 3: What can you hear? Is it quiet or noisy? Count how many different sounds you can hear.

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Minute 4: Focus on what you can smell. What kinds of smells are there around you? How many different things can you smell?

Focusing on four different senses, one straight after the other, is a quick and easy way to help refocus your brain and allows you to calm down and feel refreshed. You could also do this exercise indoors if you can’t go outdoors.

Give it a go and see how it makes you feel.

‘The five senses are the ministers of the soul.’ ~ Leonard da Vinci