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The Future of Space Exploration Lies in the Hands of Our Children: Here’s How They Can Get Involved

Children can use their brains creatively to think about the stars and help humanity in many ways. Here are a few ideas for YOUR ‘superstar’ kids:

Imaginative Play

Children can engage in imaginative play and create their own stories about space travel and exploration. Kids can build models of rockets, spaceships, and planets using art materials, LEGO bricks, or other toys, and act out their stories with their friends.

(…That’s basically how Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr Who all started — albeit with slightly bigger ‘kids’ telling their sci-fi space stories!)

Imagining their future in Space Travel

Observation and Research

Kids can observe the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies using binoculars, telescopes, or just their eyes, and research them. They can read books, watch videos, and explore websites about space and astronomy to learn more about our universe.

Exploring space through a telescope

Science Experiments

Children can conduct simple science experiments to learn more about the properties of the stars and planets. Your kids can create their own experiments to observe how stars twinkle or the colors of the planets.

Thinking of exploring outer space

Artistic Expression

Why not get your children to express their creativity and imagination by creating art inspired by the stars? They can paint, draw or make collages of the planets, stars, and galaxies or create their own space-themed artwork.

kids space art

Community Service

Children can participate in community service projects to help educate others about space and the stars. They can volunteer at local museums, observatories, or planetariums (there are 17 permanent planetariums in the UK, including the largest — the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium — based at the National Space Centre in Leicester),  to share their knowledge with others or participate in astronomy clubs where they can meet other space enthusiasts.

By engaging in these activities, kids can develop their curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills while learning more about the stars and the universe. Additionally, they can inspire others to learn about space and help humanity by contributing to the advancement of space exploration and astronomy research.

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