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Get ready for excitement overload with Brilliant Brainz, an action-packed, multi-subject monthly magazine for 6-12 year olds. Full of creative, interactive and entertaining activities that encourage young readers to think broadly about real-world issues while exploring the many wonders of the world around them. They are taken on a journey from the very first page…

Teaches important life skills for life-ready learning
STEAM-based (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math) fun for kids
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Each 36-page issue has hours of activities that can all be done from home
Written by qualified teachers and subject experts
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Just £39.99 per year, saving 30% [RRP £58.50]

Free Issue [Promo Code: LITTLELEARNERS]

Hours Creating Visual, Hands-On Fun For Kids!

After years of teaching in primary schools and working alongside young people, we are experts in helping children create their own happiness. We’re preparing their brilliant brainz for future dreams. We teach them essential life skills that allow them to adapt and thrive in a tech-driven world: creativity, complex problem-solving, active listening, observation, empathy and critical thinking. From art history to healthy eating, philosophy to K-pop music, mental health and wellbeing to environmental matters, it covers all the important and real-world issues facing our kids!

Just £39.99 per year, saving 30% [RRP £58.50]

Free Issue [Promo Code: LITTLELEARNERS]