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Are Your Eco-Friendly Children Secretly SOILING Their Underwear?

If you see your kids trying to bury their underpants in the garden or a plant pot, don’t panic.

It might seem strange behaviour, but they are most likely taking part in an experiment from the children’s charity The Country Trust.

Underpants Funerals?! Why are kids burying their old pants? It’s Knickers… with a Twist!

To encourage schoolchildren to learn how soil supports every life form on Planet Earth, the charity has launched a science campaign named ‘Plant Your Pants’.

Plant your Pants For Eco Science!

The Trust is encouraging children to bury spare cotton underpants in the soil at school, in their gardens, or on farms (with the landowner’s permission, naturally) and then dig them up two months later.

Where Kids’ Old UNDERPANTS Go To Die – and How They Are Helping Environmentalists

Plant Your Pants in the Soil!

The experiment is designed to assess the health of the nation’s soil. Scientists across the globe use cotton to assess the health of soil. The healthier the soil is, the faster the microbes in the soil can break down cotton.

That’s important to know since all life forms on Earth depend on soil. After all, it’s where a whopping 95% of our food is grown.

The Royal Society says soil is critical to the survival of humans since it is where our food is grown and water is cleansed, plus it flood-proofs land and helps to regulate climate.

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids To ‘SOIL’ Their Underpants

Unlike dirt, soil teems with life. It is home to mammals, insects, mites, nematodes, and microfauna such as bacteria, algae, and fungi.

Healthy soil makes life!

They create a nutrient-transferring ‘food web’ which helps to support life above ground. They also play an essential role in absorbing carbon from the environment and recycling and detoxifying nutrients. All these processes help to make and support life.

If your kid’s school has not yet registered for the Plant Your Pants campaign, why not encourage your child to suggest it to their classroom teacher? It’s a great science project and a helpful green initiative. The teacher or school can register to be part of the campaign by visiting:

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