The magazine that gets those brain cells buzzing!

Brilliant Brainz is a monthly print magazine for 6 to 12 year olds. It is packed full of creative, colourful, inspiring and educational activities and quizzes.

Brilliant Brainz was started by Eleanor Cole, a music graduate and teacher who has worked in the publishing industry. Believing that the current emphasis on literacy and numeracy in primary schools means that subjects like art, music, food and nutrition, philosophy, wellbeing and health are sadly marginalised, and frustrated by the magazines that were available to her two children, a girl and a boy, she was inspired to produce a magazine that is gender-neutral, advert and plastic free and – perhaps most importantly – full of high quality content.

Brilliant Brainz is written by a great team of writers – educators and experts in their field – who are committed to inspiring children about their subject.

These subjects can help a child develop their creative thinking skills, bring huge benefits to their learning abilities and provide a broad and well-rounded education.

We at Brilliant Brainz want the children to get involved too! Send us photos of their art, their thoughts and their BIG ideas for a chance to get them featured in the magazine! Send them through to:


Eleanor Cole

Eleanor Cole


I’m the founder and editor of Brilliant Brainz. My background is in music and I believe that it is really important for children to learn about the arts.

Tom Howard

Tom Howard

Deputy Editor

I help Eleanor with deciding what should go in the magazine each month and with making sure that it is ready on time!

Kimberly Karman

Kimberly Karman

Marketing Director

I’ve always loved reading, science and people. My role is to make sure the magazine will be read by and make many children happy!

Sandra Perry

Sandra Perry


I work on the visual side of the magazine and website creating page layouts and graphic materials for use by the whole team! My role is to make sure that Brilliant Brainz looks brilliant!

Subjects and Authors


Art encourages creative thinking, self-expression, inspires the imagination and enriches the mind.

Learning to appreciate art is life enhancing! Every month there will be an art project and a ‘featured artist’ from around the world whose work is directly relevant to to the project.

Hermione Hunter, Madeleine Hunter and Rosie Roberts

Hermione Hunter, Madeleine Hunter and Rosie RobertsWe are all professional artists who run a teaching studio called Art-Atelier which we started in 1991. We teach small groups of children and teenagers in extracurricular art clubs and holiday workshops.

Apps and Technology

As apps and technology become a bigger part of our lives, we will dive into the latest trends every month!

Each month a spread on the latest technology will really get those brains buzzing! With recommended apps and covering topics from coding to animation, these pages will really grab the attention of those who love the latest gadget!

Toby Starbuck

Toby StarbuckI’ve worked in book publishing and the film industry but these days I spend most of my time writing for video games. I’m passionate about ‘stories’ whatever form they take.

Books and Entertainment

Filled with book reviews, stories and poems, some written by the children themselves!

This section will be about finding the best films, books, TV and theatre for children to enjoy.

Toby Starbuck

Toby StarbuckI’ve worked in book publishing and the film industry but these days I spend most of my time writing for video games. I’m passionate about ‘stories’ whatever form they take.


What is a life without music? And yet sadly children don’t get much time to learn about it at school.

So we at Brilliant Brainz believe our music section is vitally important.

Through storytelling, we look at a theoretical musical concepts – like rhythm, pitch or dynamics in a fun way. We also offer a music artist section intended to give the children some understanding of musical instruments, genres and musicians – dead and alive!

There will often be clips on the Resources page (which fear not, will not take them to any other site) that will mean the children will be able to watch and listen as well as read.

Eleanor Cole

Eleanor ColeI trained as a violinist at the Royal Academy of Music and have taught music to many children. I had the idea for The Hoots, when I was teaching music in school and I realised that using stories helped the children to grasp musical concepts.


The food section shows that what we eat plays a big part in how well we can think, play and learn.

The food section is all about encouraging a love of food and cooking. There will be a simple recipe made with tasty and healthy ingredients. Along with a challenge or fun activity about our food habits and how we can become healthier!

Michele Harper

Michele HarperI am a trained chef and nutritionist and I run a company called Cookies. I go into schools to teach children about food and how to cook. I also run cooking birthday parties – which are loads of fun!


Philosophy may not be an obvious choice for a children’s magazine but it gives children the opportunity to think BIG.

There will be a chance for children to decide WHAT they think and WHY they think it and to develop skills such as giving good reasons, and asking more questions – all useful in the quest to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

Emma Leeson

Emma LeesonI was a teacher and a Deputy Head in primary schools for many years but now I train other teachers how to teach P4C (Philosophy for Children).

Sport and Health

Aside from nurturing the mind, it’s important to recognise the need for a healthy body.

Children thrive on fun and games. This section will include news and information to encourage children to make sport and exercise a fun part of their everyday lives.

Wesley Forbes

Wesley ForbesI worked for Sky Sports for many years but I now run my own company, still in sports. I believe there’s a sport for everyone and even sports you think you may not like can sometimes get you interested.

Lucy Miller

Lucy MillerI write the health page for Brilliant Brainz. I’m a Children’s Fitness Expert and a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

Science and Nature

Science and Nature are subjects that can inspire great curiosity and wonder.

Science and Nature are subjects that can inspire great curiousity and wonder. This section will include information, experiments and activities that will pique children’s interest and give them a greater understanding of the natural world – at a time when looking after our planet is of paramount importance. These pages can include mini projects, fun facts and quizzes to really get those brains buzzing!

Jenny Jacoby

Jenny JacobyAs well as writing the Science and Nature section for Brilliant Brainz, I write books about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for young children.