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10 Creative Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading

Reading is a fantastic way for children to learn and grow their imagination. But let’s face it, not every child is naturally drawn to books. After consulting child education experts, we’ve come up with 10 creative ways to encourage a love of reading in children aged 6 to 12 years old.

1. Start with books and magazines they love

Every child has a favorite character, whether it’s a superhero or a Disney princess. Look for books featuring their favorite character, and they’re much more likely to enjoy reading.

A child dressed up as their favorite book character

2. Make reading a part of your daily routine

Set aside some time every day for reading. Make it a part of your child’s routine, like brushing their teeth or eating breakfast. This can help make reading feel like a natural and enjoyable activity.

Boy reading under a tree

3. Read together

Reading together is a great way to bond with your child and show them how much fun reading can be. Take turns reading aloud and discussing the story. It’s a great way to build vocabulary and comprehension skills. 

Dad reading to his son

4. Visit the library

A library is a magical place for children. Let your child explore and choose their own books. You can even make a game out of it by challenging them to find a book about a certain topic.

The Library is a msgical place for children to explore books

5. Let them choose what to read

Children are more likely to enjoy reading when they have a say in what they read. Let them choose books that interest them, even if they’re not your personal favorites. It’s important to support their interests and let them explore their own tastes.

Let kids pick what they want to read

6. Create a cozy reading nook

Make a special spot in your home for reading. It could be a comfy chair, a pile of pillows, or even a tent made out of blankets. A cozy nook can make reading feel like a special and fun activity.

Create cosy nooks for kids to read in

7. Use technology to your advantage

There are many apps and websites that make reading more interactive and engaging for children. Try using e-books or audiobooks to make reading feel more like a game or a fun activity.

While nothing can replace the experience of sharing a reading experience with your kids, audio books can be a great addition to your arsenal in encouraging kids to read more. They can follow the text along with the audio, or, if using technology, often mix and match by reading from the ebook, and continuing on with the audio story when they are  travelling (great for long car trips!) or doing household chores.

Children can use technology to build love of reading

8. Make reading a social activity

Organize a book club for your child and their friends. They can read the same book and then discuss it together. It’s a great way to encourage social interaction and critical thinking skills.

Kids book club meeting discussing this week's book

9. Make reading a part of your travels

If you’re planning a trip, bring along some books that are set in the destination you’re visiting. It’s a great way to get your child excited about the trip and help them learn about the local culture.

Child reading while travelling on vacation abroad

10. Model good reading habits

Children learn by example. If you want your child to love reading, show them that you love reading too. Read in front of them, and talk about the books and magazines you’re enjoying. It’s a great way to bond with your child and encourage a love of reading.

Parent and child discuss book

In conclusion, these 10 creative ways to encourage a love of reading in children aged 6 to 12 years old are sure to help your child see reading as a fun and enjoyable activity. Remember, every child is unique and may respond to different approaches. So, keep trying and experimenting until you find the method that works best for your child. Happy reading!


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